Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Do You Do Well?

The key is to analyze a sport to ascertain the qualities that make a great a great performer and then to develop a program to improve those qualities. The key is not necessarily in analyzing a great performer and trying to improve what he does not do well. ~ Mike Boyle

This makes sense to me, not only for sports but also for life. We spend so much of our time focusing on what we don't do well - we buy books, go to seminars, attend workshops, all in an effort to figure out what makes successful people successful, and how we can emulate those qualities.

Maybe, what makes successful people successful, is that they have learned what they do well, and spend their time training their strengths versus their weaknesses. Maybe we spend so much of our time focused on what we need to do better, we tend to lose sight of what we really do well. In sports speak, we need to stop training our sprinters to be endurance athletes.

So lets train our train our sprinters to be faster, and our endurance athletes to be able to run longer. And, in sports, just like in life, we will do that by not focusing on what they can't do, instead, we will do it focused on what they do well.

~ Sasha

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