Friday, July 15, 2011

The Apprentice Years

Can you imagine playing baseball (or softball) and getting to start at third base? How great would it be to be able to focus on running home, rather than working to get all the way around the diamond. Unfortunately, we don't get to start at third base, in any business the first decade in your field will be spent working. As Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell would say, you need to put in your ten thousand hours, and as Mike Boyle says, until you do, no one cares because you haven't done anything.

Boyle, who now has the opportunity to train professional athletes says he gets quite a few requests from other fitness professionals who want to come and help him train his athletes. His response is always, 'I didn't know that I needed your help.' He says that if your goal is to train professional athletes, you don't get to start there, you need to earn it. He sums it up by saying that success is easy but it's hard. It's achievable but you must be willing to work for it and that means putting in your time and not trying to start at third base (unless you hit a triple).

~ Sasha Myers

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