Monday, July 04, 2011

Five Thoughts on... Public Gyms

  1. People migrate to where they're comfortable and what they're good at. This is why it's impossible to get a bench press, curl bars, or a treadmill, but the squat rack is almost always available.

  2. I am so cautious when working with people to ensure good form and minimize risk. Clearly, based on the form I see when people exercise on their own... I'm worrying far more than I need to.

  3. Mirrors are an incredible aid in teaching correct movement mechanics. This is not what the mirrors in public gyms are being used for, unless fixing your hair or checking out your own butt has become an essential component of movement. If this is the case and I missed the memo, please pass it along.

  4. Virtually no one is working hard enough to get results. Assuming you don't have any injuries that prevent it: when you run, run hard; when you lift weight, lift heavy. If you're able to have a casual conversation during an exercise, this is probably a good indication that you're slacking off. Remember - you get out of it what you put in.

  5. There is far too much uncovered spandex. Compression shorts alone are not acceptable gym attire... I don't care how fit you are. Unless you're George St. Pierre - cover up.


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