Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Randy Travis said it...

"Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers".

He was referring to loving his wife and being thankful that he met and married the girl he loved, not the one he lusted after and wanted right now.

Been there, and I love my wife too and am glad for a few unanswered prayers along the way, but that's not directly the implication of Randy Travis' song that I want to have everyone consider today.

I just had a conversation with a great girl who was saddened by a big change in her workplace that directly impacts her. She's been doing the same thing for 22 years, and has a great amount of respect and trust she's earned over time from her coworkers and those impacted by her work.

In short, she has to move off a project she has championed for the last 10 years and take a smaller role; albeit on a bigger project.

The relevancy of this story to the line from aforementioned country song is simple, and fourfold: perspective, persistence, patience, and payload.

Perspective: when the plans we made evaporate in front of us, it's hard not to notice what we're losing, even if we stand to gain much more in the process. try to see the potential amongst the pitfalls.

Persistence: If you work your hardest and your smartest, with all your talents in the right role clinging to the right values... it's only a matter of time before things work out in your favor...

...hence why Patience is such a key ingredient.

As far as Payload - the dividends on opportunities, market conditions, risks, and people that we can predict and control are rarely as high as they are when we battle uncertainty, question our faith, risk more than we thought we wanted to, and hit obstacles we need to improve or reinvent ourselves to overcome.

How many people think Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzennegger, Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan, Jim Carey, or J. R. R. Tolkien ended up exactly where they planned?
Now how many people think they planned on making it big, sacrificed bigger, and made it even bigger still? That's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

It is Garth Brooks not Randy Travis :)

Anonymous said...

...also I think Garth is refering to an old high school flame rather than someone he is currently lusting after!