Monday, July 18, 2011

Stop Looking for the Easy Route

"I never said it would be easy - I said it would be worth it."

~Mae West

What I am about to say, I relate to fitness and health goals - but they can be applied to everything else in life.

You know what I'm tired of? People looking for a quick, simple and easy solution to their poor health.

  • "I just get bored doing the same thing - I want something new every time."

  • "I don't want to feel like I'm working out."

  • "I don't like going to the gym."

  • "It hurts to do X. Can we do something else?"

  • "I know I should eat better/more frequently/at all - I just don't have time."

Frankly - stop whining, or looking for a way out. Anything worth having in life will demand hard work, sacrifice and commitment - if it doesn't take all three of those things, then it's value and effectiveness is significantly diminished. My answer to each of the above?

  • "It takes 10,000hrs or repetitions to get something right - variety will keep you perfectly mediocre at everything."

  • "If you don't feel like you're working out - it's because you're not. Start pushing yourself, or you're always going to be in the same place."

  • "Too bad. I hope that you like being weak, because all of that yoga/running/spin/Zumba isn't making you any stronger."

  • "Does it actually hurt? Or do you just not like doing it? Because if it is truly painful, we can always find something else that will accomplish the same goal without the pain - but it won't be any easier."

  • "Yes, you do have the time. It's just not a priority. And until it becomes one, you will continue be running at a standstill. Let me know when you're ready to make a change."

Remember - simple and easy are two different things.


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