Friday, August 26, 2011

Let It Flow

Water always finds the path of least resistance. It flows. You never see square turns on a river. There's always curvature. I think life's like that too. It has a natural curve, an arc. I think it's our job to trust in that. As long as you think you're somehow in control of everything, you're always going to be struggling and striving and that's the opposite of letting things flow. ~ Laird Hamilton

I suck at going with the flow. I want to know why things happen the way they do and I'll analyse a situation to the lowest common denominator to try to figure it out. Sometimes at the expense of the situation because not everything has a logical explanation (nor should it), some things just are.

I think that's why we never see square turns on a river, because some things just are, and that's the natural curve or arc of life. That's a difficult concept for some of us (especially those who like answers) to grasp. The problem is that no matter how impatient we are, life won't be rushed, and sometimes the best we can do is do our best in the moment and go with flow.

~ Sasha

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