Monday, August 15, 2011

Op Ed: Capri Pants

To start off, let me be clear - this does not refer to the running capris that you being worn during a run or a workout. This is referring to the short pants that women wear casually around town.

They're awful.

What I find interesting, is that almost every woman who wears them says it's because she's not comfortable with how her legs look and therefore doesn't want to wear shorts... which is almost ironic, because then instead of wearing shorts,she chooses to put on a pair of pants that cut her legs off mid-calf, and make even the longest legs look like blunt stubs.

This is a metaphor, really, for what happens when you try to walk down the middle of the road and don't fully commit one way or another... you wind up worse off than if you'd just made a decision. To translate this into a literal sense in regards to capris: toss 'em. Wear pants, or wear shorts.

Oh, and one more side note - no male should ever wear capri pants. Seriously. Never. I thought I was the only one who felt this way, until I heard on the news yesterday that this is currently the number one fashion faux pas for men.



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