Sunday, August 28, 2011


I’m constantly fascinated by the amount of people who believe their food, whereabouts, notes and thoughts are important enough to be posted for public consumption. It’s not good, bad or indifferent, I’m simply fascinated by it.

Yes I recognize the hypocrisy of posting this topic on our own blogsite. After all blogging is the application that gave everyone the opportunity to publish their opinions for dispute or validation. I write to find clarity for myself mostly.

At any rate and more importantly, I wonder where this is all going to end up and just how much more painful is this going to get.

Some of my personal favorites:

1. the tracker that enables others to know where you are. Arriving at a destination, pulling out my mobile device and checking in? No one cares. I know that.

2. birthday messages to children under 5. Put the device down and give them a hug. I hope to god they are not online.

3. pictures of food and drinks. I remember my grandmother staring at a 20 something taking a picture of their food and uploading, looking at me and asking ‘what is the matter with you people?’

4. the continued use of other people’s quotes. Are we hoping something resonates with us or is this our own online therapy.

5. the drama. Open ended statements / questions BEGGING for accolade, attention and the ever important... often coveted ‘like’.

In the land of ‘me’, these tools have been brilliant because they cater to the one thing people like doing more than anything else in the world.

Talking about themselves.

But are we all really that interesting? Stat’s confirm... we are. Yet stats also confirm (despite all of our self reporting ability) even our fantasy lives are not yielding the authentic love & attention we desire, seek and frankly need. That’s the one thing technology will always struggle to recreate. Authenticity. No matter who realistic we make the technology, it’s contrived, staged, edited and in many cases phony.

We can’t replace 1 true friendship with 100 ‘friends’. We wont’ find the answers we’re looking for by polling our ‘friends’ and when the chips are down, the most important person we NEED TO CARE about us.

Is us.

Our authentic life isn't virtual. It's real and meant to be lived in real time, off line.

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