Monday, August 22, 2011

What Are We Teaching Them?

I think it is a sad and disappointing fact, that if you were to randomly ask Canadians under the age of 30 (and you might even find it's older than that) who Mike "The Situation" Sorentino is that the vast majority could tell you - but if you were to ask them who Jack Layton was, they'd stare at you blankly.

We need to re-examine the values we are teaching our children - and yes, it starts with the parents and teachers but the onus falls on everyone else as well. We have to stop holding up individuals with no apparent talent, with nothing to contribute to this world other than vapid, self-obsessed exploitaion as role models and learn to pay attention to things that matter. And we have to start with ourselves.

I may not have supported his political views, but I couldn't help but respect and admire Jack Layton as a person - I was truly saddened at his passing. The passion with which he fought and the commitment to his beliefs was not only evident - it was compelling. It will be interesting to see how successfully his party can carry on without his charisma and strength leading them.

Rest in peace, Mr. Layton. Job well done.



Anonymous said...

"the vast majority .." I find this post shallow, naive & pompous.

I know this is not a political journalist blogsite, but you should do your research before posting random opinions. Although most will agree that the youth voting engagement in Canada is still not high enough, it was higher than it's ever been in the previous election. On top of that the youth favoured NDP in every single province (except Alberta)- which tells me that Jack Layton was far more popular among youth then you have convinced yourself to believe. Have you been reading the news articles today!? or paid attention to the details of the last election?.

So I disagree (and so will any article that has a basis of research out ther) - young canadians more than ever are interested in politics. And the majority likely know exactly who Jack Layton is. Yes, there's still a ton of work to be done & yes, there's too much emphasize on characters from trashy shows (although they hardly define that demographic of individuals under 30). And with outlets like twitter and social media the awareness is being generated.

So please - let's get off the high horse and pessimistic views of society blog posts. As our good friend Jack stated: "So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world." I ask you - what are you doing to help the youth become more aware other then writing blogposts that scold them with a "I'm better than you attitude?"

Guy Demong said...


While I apologize if you take offence, I don't apologize for my opinion. The turnout rate of those who are eligible to vote for the first time in an election has dropped to 30%, while it used to be over 60%... meanwhile, "The Situation" continues to make an income while displaying absolutely no discernible talent, and the popularity of drivel like "The Jersey Shore" continues to grow to the point where they are actually casting a new season.

As far as being a pessimist - well, I prefer to define myself as a realist, but I suppose that's a matter of perception.

Thanks for reading, though!