Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are you at risk?

Longevity is a topic which is always being researched and discussed. We all know that your genes play a role in you life expectancy but there are many other factors which might have the same, if not greater, impact on your expected life span.

What you do and the impact it has on your health has become the focus of many studies, and the results are interesting, but not unexpected.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, published online on August 18, 2011, it was found that middle-aged individuals who avoided smoking, ate a low-fat and low-sugar diet, exercised regularly, and drink alcohol moderately were 63% less likely to die within 18 years.

Those who did smoke, drank excessively, ate a diet high in fats and sugars and did not exercise had a life reduced life expectancy of almost 8 years less than the group who followed healthy lifestyle habits.

Furthermore, and it should come as no surprise, smoking was indicated as the number 1 predictor of premature death.

So what is the return you can expect from leading a healthy lifestyle? Reserachers followed a group of middle aged individuals for 8 years and showed some very appreciable benefits to leading a healthy lifestyle:
  • 93 percent lower risk of diabetes
  • 81 percent lower risk of heart attacks
  • 50 percent lower risk of strokes
  • 36 percent lower risk of cancers
In this study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, being overweight was the strongest risk factor for the development of chronic disease,next was smoking and next lack of physical activity.

If you did not know the benefits to eating well, being physically active, losing those extra pounds and not smoking - now you do!

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