Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are you getting ahead?

Today's entry is based on a simple concept we can all innately relate to - then unfortunately, subconsciously walk ourselves into repeating what we know to be a mistake.

It's Wednesday - almost all of us are deep into another work week, we might be on our last dime looking forward to pay day, and we might just need a perspective shake-up on what it's all for.

Coming from one of the worst nations in the world in terms of consumerism above basic needs - the following study serves as a sharp reminder of how (and IF) we differentiate need from want.

Have you worked your tail off, only to earn more, only to spend more, only to have to earn more? Seems foolish in theory, yet all too common in practise. Like a good business, make sure you are reinvesting some of your profits...

Full house, empty heart seems like a deathbed prospect we'd all avoid if we could. Why wait until then to have the regret if we can do something different today?

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