Thursday, September 08, 2011

BC Goats.

The tragedy of it all is that the message probably STILL evaded many this afternoon when the British Columbia finance minister announced the province would have to spend 2.3 BILLION dollars to revert back to our old PST / GST tax system and make up 431million (this year alone) to keep us as a zero budget. Instantly our deficit tripled and we all (yes that’s correct) WE ALL will bear the brunt of this horrendously short sighted decision.

Not unlike we all bore the brunt of the ‘are you retarded’ decisions to invest money in non existent ‘on line’ potentials in the early 90’s. Not unlike the ‘you’re kidding me’ decisions to take $5000 dream home mortgages on $2000 salaries. And not unlike the ‘how could you’ decisions layoff quite a few loud, lazy, unreliable autoworkers and replace them with silent, efficient medicare-less robots.

Let me be candid. This happens because there are WAY more stupid people in the world than smart people and as long as we continue to be hapless, blaming, victims, the smart people (who make all the money) will continue to profit from our ignorance. In today's case however... no one wins.

Here’s the scoop goats. The province is like a business. When there’s a surplus, we should be holding out hands out and when there’s not – they should be in our pockets or better yet getting dirty working to create surplus. 0-0 is 0 and right now, there’s NOTHING left to take. Don't argue it. Accept it and do something about it.

Worse than 0 - 0 is attempting to take something away from nothing. That's called a deficit and results in debt. Piles and piles of debt. If you’re brilliant enough to keep trying to get something for nothing, than you’re brilliant enough to turn on the tv and see what happens when countries run out of money. Maybe another riot BC? (no wait, that didn’t make sense either).

1. don’t spend what you don’t within your means.
2. don't ask for a raise when your company, province or country is broke.
3. the next time we feel compelled to scramble to keep up to the rest of the heard and storm the corral lets do ourselves a big favor and THINK (just for a second)

.............where are we going?

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