Monday, September 19, 2011

Five Tips to Kickstart Fat Loss

First off, before I let you in on how to fire up that fat loss, I'd like to make a quick couple of points:

  • I said "kick start", not "speed up" - and this was deliberate. You're planting seeds in a garden, here, not purchasing a fully grown tree. It's going to take time, patience and effort to achieve your goal - there's no way to do it in a healthy way overnight.

  • Below are simply the tips - if you want to know more about them in detail, speak to your training coach.

Tip #1: Address your nutrition.

I know, I know. You "eat pretty well" - your diet isn't the problem. Well, the bottom line is: if fat loss is your goal and you're not losing it then despite your denial - your diet is, in fact, the problem. Not one of the problems - the main one. While there are people who have actual medical problems that affect their weight, the vast majority simply eat badly. If you think you're one of the few with a medical issue, then get checked - and if/when you find out there's nothing wrong (as the vast majority of you will), then start facing the truth.

Tip #2: Lift heavy weights.

Stop trying to "tone up" with light weight and reps of 15-20. Lift as much weight as you can with good form for repetitions of 6 - 12, and start building lean muscle. The bonus? You're going to become a much stronger person, as well. And women - this means you, too.

Tip #3: Incorporate High Intensity Intervals into Your Training

Obviously, they need to be appropriate to your age, ability and fitness level - but if you want to start attacking that body fat, start doing intervals.

Tip #4: Regenerate

Your biggest gains will come when you allow yourself to recover. If you're following the first three tips, then you're going to have more time on your hands - so work out less and recover more.

Tip #5: Work Harder

See the above 4 tips? Now work 30-40% harder at all of them. Stop blowing off your healthy eating over the weekend, lift heavier weights, push your limits on your intervals and get waaaay more rest.

Like anything else, yes, there are some compromises that can be made to the above - but realize that they operate as a quid pro quo. For every shortcut you take, there will be extra effort required somewhere else.

We can't have our cake and eat it too... no pun intended.


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Erin Corry said...

Great post! Too often people under estimate the importance of optimal nutrition or even worse, they think their workout gives them license to eat what ever they want and get away with it. As you pointed out, you will pay in how you look and how you feel.