Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newton’s 3rd law.

Some of us spend A LOT of time in react mode cleaning up issues that could have been averted with an ounce of forethought. If we think about how much time in our day, week, month and year is invested reacting to some of our poor decisions, we’d probably be embarrassed. Hard truth is most of our reactions aren’t as much circumstance as they are self fulfilling prophecy. Some simply refuse to look inward and take responsibility for their role in the actions. Some refuse to believe it IS them vs. everyone else.

Instead we blame others for our circumstance. And when they respond... we react to their response. We just cannot understand why they can’t make the changes we need to thrive & survive. And we wonder why we find ourselves in similar predicaments, feeling the same feelings over... and over... and over again.

My boss has it in for me? - Them or is it something you’re doing / not doing?
My wife is no longer interested in me? - Her or is it something you’re doing / not doing?
My friends no longer call me? - All of them or is it something you’re doing / not doing?
Our country is the most hated in the world. - Rest of the world or is it something you’re doing / not doing?

Some never ask these questions. Its constantly their fault, their idiots, their loss.

Others chose to live their lives proactively. You won’t often see them whining about circumstance because they’ve likely already examined their decisions, took the lessons from them and moved on (not likely to repeat them again and again and again). Not ironically, things seem to happen for these people rather than to them and sometimes it’s all we can do to not to be envious. They’ve mastered Newtons 3rd law and spend their time dealing with the worthy.

No one is above making mistakes. No one is above feeling wronged. No one is above just wanting a break. However proactive people are above blaming others when they don’t get that break because they know one thing that reactors do not. At the end of the day there’s only 1 person who’s accountable for their life path.


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