Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Value of a year....

... may be lost on many of us.
We spend a year, maybe 2; maybe 10 - in a relationship that we're not flourishing in but just 'comfortable'; or we do the same thing with a job; whatever the case may be.

I had the opportunity last Friday to spend the morning with a widow whose husband passed away to cancer a year ago today. Christa Harriman and I had the opportunity to speak to almost 900 kids, paying her late husband Tim's legacy forward and helping inspire kids from grade 1 - 12. The school we visited was passionate about Terry Fox's story, and when they learned how similar his story was/ is to that of Tim Harriman's, we were asked to shed light on his inspirational journey.

Tim Harriman has been the subject of this platform twice previously; and rightfully so. He is an amazing man whose story will inspire for many years to come.

As for Christa, well - keeping her private life private, I will say she's putting herself through school, finishing Tim's book, and still manages time to exercise, pay the bills, and tell her and Tim's story to those willing to hear it.

It's said that time waits for no one... and while I believe that to be true; there are those who continue to prove the example that time is neither with us or against us... it is a resource we can choose to use to the best of our ability - or squander.

On a final note, it is exactly the kind of year like this; sandwiched in between many more of it's kind - that adds up to a great legacy and the kind of people we think of as great. Great people don't one-off amazing accomplishments... they fight and claw inch by inch until their journey has covered thousands of miles.

so, what's in store for your next 365?

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