Friday, September 02, 2011

What's Your Effort?

I was watching an episode of What Not to Wear the other day - for anyone that watches the show on a regular basis they were following their typical format - take footage of a badly dressed person who was nominated by friends and/or family, ambush them, spend time trying to convince them to change while figuring out what the deeper issue is, then in comes the glam squad, followed by the final reveal, in which they are now enlightened dressers (and slightly sheepish for their resistant behaviour in the beginning).

What struck me during this episode was what they said to the girl - they were in the process of showing her outfits that would look good on her and explaining why and what to look for when she went shopping on her own, when she stopped them and said that it sounded like too much work. Their response was no different than what we all know to be the truth, but it really resonated with me that day. It's always going to be an effort to look good, you are never not going to have to spend time on it, that's why not many people do it.

That's just it, you're always going to have to put in an effort - whether it be on your diet, or working out, or dressing better, you will never reach a point when you can stop trying. When you stop trying, there's no effort, so you're not going to get anywhere. That's what successful people have learned - it's always work, which explains why not everyone is successful because not everyone is willing to put in the effort.

~ Sasha

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