Friday, September 23, 2011

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I was talking to someone the other day and they made the observation that maybe I would enjoy life more if I slowed down rather than hiked, biked and ran my way through it. In typical 'Sasha' fashion, I spent some time thinking about what they had said, I would see more (which means appreciate more) if I slowed down and sipped life instead of gulped my way through it, and I've decided that I respectfully disagree. I don't think you need to be standing still (although there is a time and place for it) to appreciate the great moments that life has to offer and I think you can miss them walking through life, just as easily as racing. Appreciation has nothing to do with how fast you're travelling; it's about your ability to connect with what's around you, what's inside of you and the moments when they're the same.

Now in fairness, I understand from the outside looking in how hectic my life may appear to someone else. If I'm not participating in an event, or travelling to a destination, I am spending my spare time training for it. The problem is how do you explain to someone who has never done any of these things why you do what you do?

How do you explain that it's the most basic level of being able to push yourself and be at peace with yourself? That you have the rare opportunity to be included in some of the most amazing moments that life has to offer - seeing the mist move across the mountains, or catching the sun breaking through the trees - beauty in its natural element.

And, how do you explain that competing is listening to your heart? That pushing yourself is tapping into your spirit and discovering strength from within that you never knew existed and may never have accessed otherwise. That it's as simple and as complicated as choosing to stop or keep going. How do you relay all of this to someone that has never experienced it for themselves? You can't.

So I'll look busy, and you sit still, and we can both appreciate the same things in a different way (but my way's better!)

~ Sasha

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