Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Braving Unchartered Waters

Today I want to thank miss V (for anonymity sake) for presenting an opportunity for discussion that has borne today's lesson. Miss V is in a new role; outside her comfort zone, learning & growing, but very much on her own void of the supportive team she had grown accustomed (a team she assembled, in fact).

The reason I want to thank miss V, and the reason I am sharing the context of said journey - is that while she feels like she is going it alone; nothing could be further from the truth.

Sayings like, "it's lonely at the top" point to exactly this fact: the more hurdles you overcome and the more progressions you make as a leader & as a human being - the fewer people you'll have available to share the victories or to garner advice during the tribulations.

It's a fact. For a person to win, another has to lose. We notice a success story BECAUSE of how much they stand out from the norm. Everybody wants to end result (money, fame, great job, respect, marrying the right person, setting records, etc)... but are we all willing to go through the process?

I would argue that the attractiveness of the end result is directly proportionate to the ugliness of the hard work, sacrifice, and even suffering to get there.

So what's the point? Well that's the million dollar question. Only miss V in this example can know why going down the road she is will be worth it.

One answer I believe in is this: the billion dollar answer to the million dollar question is simply VISION.
True leaders have a vision that they believe so strongly in; the option to ignore it and pursue a 'normal life' just doesn't exist. It is exactly the conviction to that vision, and the leadership ability to compel others to it; that defines whether or not a success story comes to fruition, or a dreamer is left with their dreams (which become nightmares if not realized).

So, while I wish I could give the comforting answer that it will all be ok tomorrow and life IS fair... the fact is it might get worse before it gets better for our friend miss V... but if she is married to her vision and can inspire others to it's end... she will be a success story we tell and others ask...

"How'd she do it?"

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