Friday, October 28, 2011


For the last few years I have participated in the Hallow's Eve trail race on the North Shore. It's a great race. The start is moderately challenging as you climb up a few small hills before heading into the trails. On the first hill I couldn't help but think, this never gets easier. No matter how many times I complete this race or train on the course, it's always work. What would it be like to be a good runner? These thoughts were immediately followed by what I would like to call an "aha" moment, but maybe should be called a "duh" moment.

I work hard to be able to participate in the events that I do. I will never be the type of athlete that can just show up and do well. My improvements have happened slowly and over many years. My "aha" moment came in the form of the thought, even if I was a good runner, that wouldn't mean it would be easy (duh).

Have you ever seen a winner cross a finish line that looks like they haven't given it their all. No. You know why? Because even if you're good at something, you still have to work at it and just because you're good, doesn't mean it's easy. You may have more of a natural affinity but if you don't work to cultivate your talent it won't take you anywhere.

A lot of people are good at a lot of things, but it's the people who put forth the effort that see the results. Nothing ever comes easy, not even if you're good.

~ Sasha

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