Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Responding to the call...

If you haven't already, you are going to get the call.

"Hello Jane, this is your [boss/parent/coach/teammate/friend/spouse/potential] calling. I have a great opportunity for you, and all I need you to do is earn it by championing your own cause A right through to Z".

Let me correct myself. You are going to get a call, but you may not hear it, and the instructions are likely not going to be anywhere as clear as above.

Your call could be a stranger who needs change.
It could be a boss asking you to work over the weekend (who would see you as a doer if you say yes with a 'no problem' attitude)
It could be your friend asking you to help them move
It could be an investment that may seem risky
It could be a day with nothing on the agenda that offers a perfect opportunity to improve your fitness...

The fact is, we receive THOUSANDS of calls per day.
Most of us miss most of those calls.

We're too busy making less important calls,
or we're busy complaining that our neighbor gets all the breaks,
or we're comparing against the 'have-mores' to find reasons to upset ourselves.

The fact is, if we responded to the potential that exists daily all around us here in North America to think and act more entrepreneurially, be more active, engage our loved ones, check off our bucket lists, tell our mentors what they mean to us, and just live with every fiber of our being...

I would sell my laptop, stop writing this blog, and we could communicate these messages in person on our 85 year rat race sabbatical we'd probably label 'having the best life ever'.

Who's in? Who's looking around them right now for those incoming calls of opportunity?

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