Friday, October 07, 2011

Take Action

I recently read an article written by Todd Durkin, in which he wrote about what he had learned in the process of coaching someone else and I think it is great advice that we can live by everyday.

We ALL must discover our purpose in life. If you are not fulfilling your true purpose, you will never experience complete happiness or harmony.

Take more risks. When you get to a certain "level" in life, we often stop taking as many risks. Maybe it is because of fear of failure or even fear of success. Regardless, we can't let fear be the reason why we do something or not do something. Believe in what you are destined for, say yes to opportunities that surround that, and then work your tail off. Relentless pursuit of achieving your true purpose and overcoming any and all adversity that stands in your way will be a major determinant of the success you ultimately attain.

Associate with great people. Our life and business is built on relationships. We are a product of the books we read, the things we listen to, and the people we associate with. Seek out and find great coaches and mentors, like minded leaders who are pursuing common goals and passionate about living a world class life. One of my own coaches once said, "If you want to be a great athlete, train with great athletes; if you want to be a great coach, learn from great coaches; if you want to be a millionaire, hang out with millionaires; if you want to to be spiritually strong, hang out with spiritually strong people; who you hang out with and who learn from strongly influences the person you become." What great wisdom.

In order to "do something bigger with your life", take ACTION on discovering your purpose, take more risks, and associate with great people that will help propel you forward.

~ Sasha

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