Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mind Tools

Today I want to share an excellent resource for anyone hoping to improve effectiveness at work.

I found this website recently and have learnt a lot from the content. It is one of those websites where some articles are free and some only come with the membership. The free articles alone have been enough for me so far but when I run out of free ones I will sign up... (so these Mind Tools folks are good business people too!)

Here it is:

Mind Tools - Essential Skills for an Excellent Career

There are articles on a wide variety of topics - have a look at the menu:

Some of the FREE articles I found particularly interesting:

Avoiding Groupthink - Avoiding Fatal Flaws in Group Decision Making

Decision-Making Skills - Start Here!

Stepladder Technique - Making Better Group Decisions

The GROW Model - Coaching Others to Improve Performance

Have a read. I'm sure you'll find something useful - I definitely have.

One thing though... you won't have any of those "essential skills" and your career won't be any more "excellent" until you put the learning to work.

Don't let the brain training go stale - draw up a plan and start using it so that you can say you improved yourself today.

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