Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nordstrom Swims Upstream!

For years the retail industry has been rushing to get Christmas decor up earlier and earlier... Some have it up before the cash register has stopped ringing from Halloween costumes and candy. Everyone I know scoffs at this practice and expresses mild disgust.

Obviously in the world of retail, where our habits have been studied and analyzed by big companies and Ivy League brains, at some point it was deemed sensible (i.e. profitable) to extend the Christmas period as much as possible even though most people don't seem to enjoy the practice.

Innovators and visionaries don't hesitate to follow their instincts though... and sometimes that means swimming upstream!

The reward for Nordstrom's corporate direction regarding Thanksgiving and Christmas?

The sign pictured above (and resulting facebook posts, tweets, youtube videos, media stories and blogs like this one) has gone viral and created a tidal wave of goodwill for the US retailer. It would be tough to imagine an ad campaign that would have worked as well and cost as little.

Beyond the goodwill, this is apparently the second year Nordstrom has posted signs like this (which is why they got the date wrong...) so it must produce positive results at the cash register or I am sure they would abandon it.

Bravo Nordstrom.

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