Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Define "Need".

Though I am not discounting the severity of the recent financial turmoil & effective double dip recession we are battling our way though & hopefully out of... things could be a LOT worse.
For everyone who is miffed that the stock market tanked & they are now 3 - 5 years further from retirement, remember - you still have a job which means you likely have all of your faculties, you have money invested, and you are near a goal a great many will never enjoy - enough resources stockpiled that you can spend without replenishment and without worry.

For those who took a pay cut - you are probably still in the top 25 percentile of the world's wealth

For those who are having to work really hard for seemingly the first time just to stay where you are let alone get ahead... welcome to reality, it's not all that bad once you take a look around.

When I look around in Calgary, or call one of my best friends in Vancouver, it strikes me that what is stressing most people I know - is Christmas shopping. If that's the case, some very real and hopefully very fast approaching perspective are due.

The basic needs for survival are food, water, shelter, and clothing.
Once those are in place, the only other needs are belonging (social) needs.
Once survival and human connection are in place, the strongest urges we'll ever face are procreation, and self actualization.

Seven Brand Jeans, your own paparazzi, a smart phone, and a Lexus do not fit in the above equation.

Parents - do not over-feed the insatiable beast that is WANT.
Adults - do not underfeed yourself or your children the malnourished potential within yourself that is WONDER... rather than yearn, LEARN. Nurture your mind by volunteering, or learning about those less fortunate than you.

It's the time of year we celebrate and embrace those we love.
It's also the time of year we evaluate where we are going.
Hopefully that means we look ourselves in the mirror should we resemble the right half of the attached photo and think better of our actions...

It's ok to spend and it's ok to have nice material things - but remember, those don't define anyone. Our actions and our motives do.

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