Monday, December 26, 2011

For 2012

Well, here we are - just under a week away from a brand new year. As such, the gyms, rec centers and other training facilities will be packed for the next three weeks with people trying to rectify a month of poor living, as well as the "Resolutionaries" that get inspired by the feeling of a fresh start... but do this "fresh start" every single January.

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions - but I do like goal setting, and far be it from me to judge someone when they decide to start their journey. That being said, I have one request to those for whom improving their health (through exercise and nutrition) is one of these goals:

Set your sights on a target that excites, inspires, or (to a small degree), scares you a bit.

Don't be vague ("I just want to be in better shape"), and honestly, don't make weight loss or aesthetics your objective; being vague gives you an easy out, and zeroing in on a number on the scale or some predetermined visual mark is never a good idea.

I've said it before, I'll say it again - you have to find a way to discover joy in training. I'm not saying that every workout will be a study in fun - making progress requires hard work, patience, dedication and determination, and sometimes you're going to "punch the clock" for your workouts, where it's simply a matter of getting through them - but if your only motivation is to have your scale tell you something you think you want to hear, or to have a "six pack", then, quite frankly, none of your workouts will be fun.

Guilt, Regret and Insecurity are three of the worst exercise partners you can find. So for 2012, try something new - kick them to the curb, and train for a different reason.

Train for yourself.

Happy 2012.


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