Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How bad do you want it?

No... Not ‘the latest’ pump-you-up-for-a-day you tube video demonstrating how someone else achieved.
No... Not someone elses performance, writing, quote we ‘like’ & then substitute for our own inaction.
No... Not a challenge from someone else in an attempt to persuade you to take action, for their benefit

A serious question for you.

A question... That transcends beyond the easy rhetoric ‘bad. I want it bad’.
A question... That requires an intentional, careful, deep rooted, introspective honest review.
A question... That only after above, requires traits some may be unfamiliar with ‘how to’ &/or unwilling to do.

Thought. Planning. Effort. Determination. Change. Patience. Persistence. Tenacity. Collaboration. Compromise. Execution Failure and many more.

Answering how bad you want it is easy.
Sharing what you’re prepared to do about it is where the real value lies.

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