Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Good We Have it

'Tis the season of giving, or so we are told
the season with loved ones we gratefully hold

And though we work hard and for that receive
we have more abundance than most will believe

For as we unwrap gifts, give thanks and cheers,
there are those whom this season brings nothing but tears

For every chocolate, feast, or glass of fine wine,
there are those wondering "when will that be mine?"

As we charge forward, planning the new year
there are those who each day brings new fear

The goal of this post is not to change merriment to mourn;
though there are those who's shortcoming was just where they were born

Forgive the novice attempt at poetry, but I thought it fitting to change up the medium for the message you may have already seen or heard.

This year I spent Christmas with not 1, not 2, but 3 people who received iPads... and it reminded me even more how lucky we all are - not a week earlier I was driving by a liquor store as it opened so that I could buy a last minute gift - and the place was lined up at 10am with a crowd of people who knew each other, sharing their addiction, their grubby clothes and their weathered, hard faces as their only bonds.

Many of them may be there because of a series of bad choices; a few more because of their inability to fight their demons and their addiction. But I couldn't help but wonder am I in the fortunate position I'm in strictly because of good choices?

The answer is no folks. I've stolen as a youth, I've gotten behind the wheel impaired, and I have done my share of stupid things. Yes, I've worked my tail off far more often than not, and I've planned and worked the plan to a high level- but the truth is, I am where I am also in large part due to luck.

Everyone deserves to relax, unwind, raise a glass, and hug their loved ones this time of year. Please do these things and don't hold back... the reason for the somewhat sombre post this morning - is to help everyone remember that there are those who will have the opportunity to do none of those 4 things this year.

As you give to your loved ones and give thanks for what you have - please also make the effort to give to the homeless, the starving, the victims of domestic abuse; whatever calls to you - but give.

We all have time, talent, ideas, money, or more that we can give; and as those blessed with opportunities - it is our duty, not our choice, to do so.

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