Friday, December 02, 2011

Punch the Clock

"Not all workouts have to look like a scene from "Pumping Iron." In fact, I often argue that these moderate workouts ...the punch the clock workouts ...are the ones that make champions. Hell, everyone is willing to work hard the week of the State Championship: I think what separates champions is the willingness to just get "them" ... the workouts" ~ Dan John

Some days I don't want to workout. Those are the days when changing for the session feels almost as challenging as the actual hour, and when I finally do step out onto the training floor, I have to double check the weight I just picked up because it feels infinitely heavier than last workout. But, these are the days that are going to make the difference long term.

"Anyone can train hard when they feel like it. But the difference in results comes with the less-than-spectacular workouts - the 'punch the clock' workouts." ~ Alwyn Cosgrove.

Consistency is a major key to success in any area, and I think we forget that sometimes it's just getting in, and getting another session done. It's being consistent with your training sessions. And, lets face it sometimes you just have to "clock in and do work" as Robert Dos Remedios says.

~ Sasha

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