Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Women Make Christmas Work

With Christmas in the rear-view mirror I think it appropriate to to credit the people who make this holiday tick... Where would we men be at Christmas without the women in our lives?

My good friend Marcus Hondro said it best in his piece for the Digital Journal:

Women make Christmas work, men mostly... watch.

I've always found Christmas to be this hulking thing that careens willy-nilly about and it is both exhilarating and absolutely exhausting. It is one holiday that demands real effort

As soon as you get one problem solved another pops up. Whose house this year? Who is invited? What car, bus, ferry, plane or footpath do you take? Who buys for who and who picks who up, and at what time? For some families there’s who isn’t talking to who, and why

Christmas then is no picnic. So who makes it work? Well for me it seems as clear as a midnight mass bell that it is the female of the family who pulls it off. Why? Because it’s the female who does all the work and a glance at any aspect of Christmas will show that to be the case

Women Make the Decorative Santas

Let us start with arts and crafts, a wonderful if somewhat unappreciated part of the holidays. It is women who draw and cut out those decorative paper Santas and snowflakes and hang them up on bulletin boards at work or dangle them from strings at home. Some women even put poems about Christmas right up there alongside the Santas.

No man has ever done that.

I cannot imagine most fathers and sons I know choosing a heartfelt verse about Christmas and writing it out by hand together and hanging it on a tree. It’s easier to imagine Lady Gaga in jeans and a t-shirt. But I could see any mother and daughters I know doing it. They’d be giggling and having fun, too.

It's hard to picture most males doing arts and crafts. Could you see singer Will I. Am carefully cutting out and pasting a chubby Santa Clause on a Christmas collage or Peyton Manning drawing happy little snowmen? Can you picture Georges St. Pierre fashioning a string of decorative snowflakes? I didn’t think so.

Most women are wonderfully competent at these things but it seems the closest most men come to an act even bordering on arts and crafts at Christmas is choosing a color scheme for the wife’s lingerie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Christmas Cards and Christmas Carols

The female puts all of that time and effort into sending out dozens of Christmas cards. She makes the phone calls and does the bulk of the organizing. More often she makes the Christmas food, dishes of goodies ranging from shortbread to rum balls to multiple-course turkey dinners. I can’t think of any dishes men are the more likely to make.

Except the dirty ones.

One of the biggest jobs at Christmas is buying all those gifts for friends, family and the kids and a visit to any mall on the planet tells you who does that. What you’ll see are a lot of men standing outside shops...watching. They're looking at all the lights and yes, at the women walking by. What they're actually doing is waiting for their wives who are in the shops, of course, buying gifts.

There’s more. Caroling. More often in the woman’s domain. Can you see the average guy singing along to 'The Little Drummer Boy'? Justin Bieber, sure, but the average guy? No. But I can easily picture almost any woman I’ve personally met or seen an image of. There's legions of other stuff women do but that should do as far as this offering. Suffice to say they make it all possible.

Men at Christmas: Eat Food and Drink Christmas Cheer

Now before closing it must be said there are things men do at Christmas, for example on the big day we pick up the seniors, open our gifts, play with the kids, construct anything that needs constructing – often breaking anything that needs constructing - and of course we drink and eat.

And there’s one more thing men do – we thank our wives for all they have done. We make certain each Christmas to do that and to all you women, please do not think that we do it, that we thank you, or that this missive was written, just to set you up so you’ll do it all over again next year. No way. We guys really, really mean it: thank-you: you are the best.

And a Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, ladies.

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