Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Overcome Adversity - "Chip Down Thinking"

You might be a pretty lucky person - maybe you'll steer clear of significant setbacks for years at a time – or a parent will bail you out… but you can rest assured that, like everyone else, your time will come. Life is full of adversity, and at some point we all find ourselves faced with difficult situations and a lack of obvious solutions.

When that situation arises, and your "Get Out of Jail Free" cards are gone, you will need to summon the best version of yourself.

Most of us have experienced what it's like when the "chips are down". Maybe you:
  • remember a time when you procrastinated at school, then crammed all night and learnt 3 months of material in 12 hours. You passed right? Wow.
  • remember a time someone said you couldn't "make the team". You played harder than you ever did before…
  • remember a time when a friend said "she'll never go out with you". You turned on the charm more than ever…
  • remember a time when a doctor said "you'll never play _____ again" - how hard did you work to get back in the game? Thought so.
  • remember a time when you didn't know how you'd pay rent next month. You stopped spending right?
  • remember a time when someone close was dying but you needed to support the person beside you. You held it together to be the 'rock'.
Imagine for a moment if you could summon that same level of discipline, the same level of focus when it wasn't quite so critical.

That's "Chips Down Thinking."

The most effective people in the world have learnt to play each "hand" they are dealt in life as though the chips are down!

You've done it before - now do it again, and again, and again!


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