Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It is interesting where people place their priorities. Some of us spend a lot of money on eating out, cars, clothes, drinks, cell phones, electronics etc… but so very little on our health. I constantly see people driving expensive cars into the McDonalds' drive-through. This tells me that this person cares about what they have but not what they are doing to their body. What is our priority? When does it shift?

Typically when we receive an ultimatum of some sort, we change our priorities to meet those needs. When the doctor tells you that, if you are don't start exercising, you are going to get diabetes, is a good example. Some people take this recommendation and decide that it is time to make a change; some just keep doing what they have always done and let their health suffer. The latter group will eventually hear another ultimatum when the doctor tells them that, if they don’t get their diabetes in check, they are at risk for even more severe health complications. Again, there is a moment to shift our priorities, but only some people will actually make the change. What does it take?

At some point in all of our lives, health will become priority one. Health will become a priority either when we come up against an ultimatum that is serious to us or when our basic urge for survival kicks in when our health begins its inevitable decline. The real question here is: Are you going to decide to make health a priority on your own terms? Or are you going to wait until it decides for you? The choice is yours…for now.


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