Monday, January 30, 2012

Who Would You Rather Be?

Picture two individuals, if you will - male or female, doesn't matter.

Person "A" can run a 3hr marathon; person "B" runs a marathon in just under 4hrs.

But: person "A" can't manage 10 push-ups. Their posture is horrible from years of doing nothing but running, they hurt their back picking up the groceries, they laugh at the idea of a chin-up and they stumble over their own feet every time they move in a direction other than forward.

Person "B", on the other hand, plays on a rec league basketball team 2 nights a week, goes away once a month on a rock-climbing trip, coaches soccer and, just the other day, completed a 10mile, 15 obstacle race in the top 10 percent of their age category.

Which one is the better athlete? And which one is better equipped for the day-to-day world in general?

Train for more than a single sport - train for life.


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