Tuesday, February 07, 2012

FEAT this weekend!

Do you love adventure?

Does your "happy place" require a headlamp and trail runners?

Do you dream about living a "life less ordinary?"

Do you look forward to sealing your iPhone into a waterproof bag and heading "out of service"?

If you answered YES to any of those you should probably buy a ticket for FEAT.

From the website:
FEAT, Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks, is an annual evening of time-limited presentations. Each presenter speaks for seven minutes; no more, no less. With images. Although the speakers are invited because of their achievements, presentation themes focus on an aspect of their expedition – not the entire extended expedition. With stories of adventures on land, water and in the air, you will be enthralled.
It seems obvious to me that the Swimupstream audience IS the FEAT audience. So call your buddies / girlfriend / boyfriend / dad / mom / and make a plan to be at the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver this Sunday night...

Tickets, which are going fast, are only $15 thanks to a special promo code for swimupstream readers: FEAT3G7

I'll see you there!


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