Monday, February 20, 2012

"For Fun" is a Valid Reason

To begin with - there is a difference between "training" and "exercise".

"Training" is purposeful, progressive and structured. Training can be fun, particularly if you are a goal driven person who enjoys a focused plan - but it isn't always. Sometimes its a chore - but like chores, it needs to be done.

"Exercise" is simply moving and being active. It can be a pick up basketball game, a 5km fun run, or even a round of golf - but it is usually (and should be) fun.

The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you should often "train" so that you can "exercise" - meaning, if you want to be able to head on the court or out for the run, hopefully your training has you in the physical condition to be able to do them without over-exerting or hurting yourself.

The problems happen when people begin to blur the lines - when they try to use "exercise" as "training" (like a step class) or when they are ALWAYS training, but never having any fun.

Life is not about absolutes. I'm a firm believer that because of our lifestyles, training is important to ensure that we're safely challenging ourselves and staying strong, staying healthy - but I'm also a believer that it should always be done to allow us to find enjoyment in activity.

If you're not enjoying your training anymore - get out and exercise. Rediscover what Peter Twist has called "The Joy of Movement".

Go and have fun.


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