Monday, February 06, 2012

Never Forget the Journey

A man bought a large piece of land down in southern California, and he went to work getting it ready for use. The first thing he had to do was to fence the property in - so off he went in his truck with the barbwire, wooden fence posts, and a post hole digger.

He started early in the morning - driving the digger into the ground, getting it to the right depth, pouring the cement and placing the fence post in it. Then he'd run the barb wire from the last post to the current one.

It was slow going.

After a few days, he stopped for lunch and took in how far he still had to go... miles and miles of land looked back at him. Sitting in the back of the truck, his shoulders slumped - it was hot out, and the idea of spending the next few days pounding fence posts was incredibly demotivating.

He got out, and leaned against the hood of the truck, resting his chin on his crossed arms. His eyes narrowed as he looked back on where he'd already put the fence in... and saw miles and miles of completed fence. In fact, it was amazing how much was finished in only a few days' worth of work.

Standing up straight, he grabbed his tools and headed back to the task.


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