Monday, March 05, 2012

Diligent Patience

There is a difference in types of patience I have found. You see, it's one thing to have "passive" patience... meaning, you sit idly by while waiting for something to happen - and, quite frankly, the results are rather mixed and depend entirely on things outside your control. On the other hand, there is a "diligent" patience, which requires one to actively take part in, and manipulate, whatever they have within their ability, thereby significantly improving the chances for positive results.

For example - when one plants a seed in a garden, they know it will take time for them to see the results. They have a choice at that point, to walk away and come back at a future time, hoping that it has survived the weather, animals or the ground it's in - or they can come back every day and spend time cultivating it, watering it, protecting it and helping ensure that it grows up strong. Which way has the greater chance of success?

The same can be said for training one's self, particularly when rehabilitating an injury - yet most choose to go with the first option, which (as we've seen) has a fairly low chance of succeeding. They go to the physiotherapist or chiropractor once every week or two, but don't bother doing any of the exercises (or other homework) that they've been given. Soon after, they become frustrated at the lack of tangible results, and move on to whatever the next specialist or gimmick might be.

A seed doesn't grow overnight, and an injury rarely heals in a week - and both need active participation from you to work.

Remember - the more you put in, the more you stand to get out.


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