Sunday, March 25, 2012

Forbes recently posted an article on the five personalities of innovators. I always enjoy reading artciles like this as they highlight the five different types and like it or not everyone will try to figure out which (if any) theya re ain the hopes of it helping to provide some insight into how they could be more successful.
Uponr eading said article I realised that the cheese does not stand alone, meaning yes they did highlight all the different types and if you read through all you may be able to find charactercitics of yourself in all of them but more important to that was that if an organization was going to be successful the point was you would need to recruit a strong team because each of the five personalities ahs a place and an ability to drive the company or product forward.
They authour used a great analogy on it being like a minestrone soup.
With so many of us focused on success and mroe important our pesonal success sometimes I think it's easy to forget the importantce of sharing it with others and understanindg and accepting you're not going to be good at everything but if you can find someone to compliment what you do well, that's great. Now hat's not to foster the idea that you need to be dependant to be successful what I think it means is that the truly successful are those that realise that they don't know everything and to understand that the best don't think they are the best but understand how much more they have to learn.
Five personalities of innovators

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