Friday, March 23, 2012

A Goal Is A Goal

I have three younger sisters, and one has decided that she would like to start working out (which is awesome!)Something to know, all of my siblings are petite but this one is extra small, and her problem is one that most people claim to want - she has a hard time gaining weight, and keeping it on (which I can honestly say is not for lack of trying, as I've seen her eat!) Bonus, she lives close enough that she was able to come in for an assessment, and I created a training program for her, which she has been following regularly, and seen some success from (yeah!)

So far, so good, right? Kind of. She telephoned me the other day to complain about how she feels she's eating all the time, all the right stuff, working out, but is not feeling any closer to her goal of adding 10 pounds. Now, not many of us can relate to the goal of wanting to gain 10 pounds, but let's say it a different way - 'I'm doing everything right but nothing is changing', does that sound more familiar?

It should, because almost everyone has said something like that at some point or another. What I realised when I was talking to her is that a goal, is a goal, is a goal. Meaning, whether you are trying to gain weight or lose it the way you go about getting what you want is still the same, good ole' fashioned hard work, paired with a dash of patience and time. That's it, the recipe for success.

There's no magic pill or shortcuts. Lots of people think that they would like my sister's problem, having to worry about gaining weight instead of losing it, because it would be easier, but what they don't realise is that they would just be trading one set of problems for another. A different goal doesn't equal less work, it just means what you're working for has changed.

~ Sasha


Anonymous said...

There are very specific exercise methods to gain muscle mass. Hard work, patience and time yes...but today's athlete has a huge amount of great information available to them. The modern saying is "Work Hard but Work Smart!"

Sasha Myers said...

I totally agree, success is not just working hard but working smart - insightful!