Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As I write this I can see the red light flashing on the top right hand corner of my BlackBerry.

Cue the tense violin music...

If you've ever owned a BlackBerry you probably recognize how that sentence paints a scene filled with tension... Tension that can only be relieved by reading the text message or email waiting on that godforsaken piece of technology.

It's even more depressing to be addicted to something so obviously obsolete as the BlackBerry. I'm sure before too many months go by I will be familiar with the Apple equivalent of that bloody red light. (I'm currently holding out for the Rogers hardware upgrade.)

Btw... Checked it... just an email from priceline... delete, and back to business...

I have been aware of the evils of the "smartphone" for a long time now, but recently found myself on a ski resort patio - had a look around and within seconds noticed that at least 75% of the people in my immediate vicinity were engrossed in the digital world of their smartphone.

Not their pitcher of beer, not their nachos, not the 'ski bunny' at the next table, not the Hair Farmers who were belting out catchy cover tunes... their smartphones.

Is nothing sacred?

I'd like to say I'm better than that, but it was only when I looked up from my own BB that I noticed the plight of one of humanity's last truly pristine moments - après ski.

With a life blessedly untouched by addiction (until now), I've never been a part of an intervention - but suddenly I'm considering it. If après ski can be destroyed by the smartphone what comes next?

In this very space I asked for feedback last week - one commenter wrote that he/she liked posts with solutions. Those words weigh heavily on me now. What the hell can we do about this?

People are crashing their cars (and I still see lots of people driving and texting), people are ignoring their loved ones (my hand is up), and now après ski (too much!)... Something tells me that "turning the notification light off" won't get it done...

Alas, this isn't an article with a solution. In fact it's an article that will need to end soon because that red light just came on again... Yes, I'm in the thick of this addiction, but the difference might be that I now realize it. Is that one of the twelve steps? What's next?

(Please don't say I shouldn't upgrade to the iPhone...)

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