Monday, March 19, 2012

Survival of the "Fittest"

There are, generally speaking, four different types of individuals that I work with as a personal trainer and coach.

The first type are those who love to train. They're focused, goal driven and motivated - these are the athletes, whether they're professional or simply recreational, they strive to be their best and I'm there to help guide them. Quite honestly, they're both the easiest and most enjoyable people to work with, because their motivation comes from within.

The next type love exercise, though not necessarily training. These are the folks who enjoy getting out and being a part of an active lifestyle (drop-in basketball, hiking the local mountains, playing hockey with their kids) but don't particularly enjoy structured training. That being said, they recognize it's value and again, are motivated from within to stick to the program - the only "extra" step needed from me that is different from the previous example is I sometimes need to bring them back into focus.

The third type are motivated by some external force - a wedding, high school reunion, a medical condition (ie. Type II Diabetes)... and while they don't particularly enjoy training OR exercise, they have something at stake that keeps them motivated and moving forward. While it's sometimes like pulling teeth keeping these people on track, I'm at least assisted by their own goals.

The final type of person is, quite honestly, the one that I have no way of helping - because they don't want to help themselves. These are the people whom I can sense, at some point (usually sooner, rather than later) are simply going to stop coming to see me - and I can't do anything to prevent that. These people are the ones who don't like training, don't like exercise, don't care about the slow degradation of their bodies and, given the choice, would rather just sit on the couch or sleep than get out into the world - training is a "chore" that they're doing because they've been told they should, not because there's any intrinsic drive. Now, I am not referring to those individuals who suffer from a clinical depression, or are going through some other personal trauma, as these are people who are working on their health in a different way and need a different type of inspiration. No, I'm speaking of the inherently lazy, uninspired and unmotivated folks who just couldn't care less.

Ultimately, though, I make peace with this fact knowing that if/when the Zombie Apocalypse arrives, I have these people to use as a shield while making my escape.

Come to think of it - maybe this is a motivational tactic that I should try...


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