Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TSN Turning Point

For people my age the phrase "TSN Turning Point" is a universally understood concept.

It's the moment when momentum swings, when drama occurs, when the game is won (or lost)...

This weekend a good friend of mine had a TSN Turning Point. At the age of 38 he had a heart attack. 3 arteries blocked (100%, 90%, 50%).

I can imagine reading this... it might seem mildly surprising, a bit early in life, a bit sad, but when compared to the daily ticker of ridiculous news stories this barely rates a mention. "Nothing we haven't heard of before."

Fair enough... but imagine if it was your dad or brother - it's a pretty dramatic occurrence.

Adversity. Look it up and this might be what you see. A family guy (wife + 3 kids), 38 years old and lucky to be alive with a heart that barely keeps beating.

The right to comment meaningfully on a TSN Turning Point like this is earned through experience. You can't hope to be profound on the topic if the worst thing you've experienced is an adolescent heartbreak or a university course failure.

Since my friend is a doctor (and therefore more knowledgeable than me about his health issues), I looked to advise him on the mental side of such a great adversity.

Here is what I told him (based on my own experience):

1) Embrace the positives. When the $hit hits the fan, those closest to you will rally. Admire, appreciate and utilize their help as this is a time when you will reap what you have sewn in your life.

2) Be appreciative. You were spared. It could have easily been different and people would be planning your funeral. Also, appreciate those who care for you - let's face it caring for others SUCKS. Don't ever forget that - show how much you appreciate the unpaid work put in by others.

3) Be a ruthless curator. There will be voices, influences, and stimuli that are no help (or worse a detriment) to your recovery and wellbeing. These people need to be eliminated from your consciousness. The only influences allowed into your life are ones that prove themselves to be positive in some way. Now is the time to be SELFISH.

That's it. Simple. It's not a blueprint for everyone but it worked for me.

I wish you all good health - and the brain to make the most of it!

~ Meyrick

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