Monday, April 23, 2012

Right vs Wrong

Back when the Kyoto Accord was first being debated, I remember an analyst saying something that really resonated with me - "There are no 'good' policies and 'bad' policies... there are only policies with pros and cons that must be weighed".

I realized then that this applies to most of the decisions that we're confronted with - rarely is there a black and white, right and wrong comparison. More often than not, we have to weigh the cost and benefit of our decisions, and decide not only which one is right for us, but which one is right for us at that time... knowing that, at some point, everything could change.

This isn't mean to cause people to second-guess themselves, but rather to have a little more understanding when someone takes a different view than they do - and to potentially create a little more empathy to them. Because although the cost/benefit analysis makes perfect sense to you, doesn't mean it will to another - and if your job is to convince them that you are correct, then understanding what makes something better or worse for someone else can only help you to strengthen your position.


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