Friday, May 18, 2012

Are You Fit to Run?


“Don't run to get fit, be fit to run.”~ Diane Lee

Did you know that running for one mile is exactly 1,500 reps (or steps) of a one-legged plyometric exercise. Ask any fitness professional and they would tell you that plyometrics are an advanced exercise, that shouldn't be used until someone has built up their strength.

In the words of Mike Boyle, "Running produces forces in the area of two to five times body weight per foot contact." So, now we are talking about 1,500 reps, with a load of two to five times your body weight. Sounds advanced.

So, when did running become the starting point for someone who wants to get in shape? Running is an extremely advanced exercise. Yet most people who decide to start an exercise program start running from day one.
I don't necessarily want to convince you not to run, but I want to make people aware that it's an advanced exercise. It isn't for beginning, out of shape people trying to get fit. For those individuals, there are better choices.

Before you lace up your shoes, to head out for a run, the next nice day ask yourself, are you running to get fit, or are you fit to run?

~ Sasha


wigwam said...

interesting! so what are the better choices?

Sasha Myers said...

That would depend on what your goal is - is your goal to run or is it to get in shape?

wigwam said...

I want to get in shape (lose weight/fat) and I would like to be able to run as my exercise eventually since it's do-able anywhere as opposed to gyms/pools/sports

are you familair w/ the Couch to 5K program? what are your thoughts on it?

Sasha Myers said...

My apologies for taking so long to reply, I don't receive the notifications for comments on this page. It may be best just to e-mail me directly and we can chat ... it's Cheers.