Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I know a guy...

Who came to work for our organization a few years back.
He had ‘some’ work experience, a strong work ethic and the inclination NOT to be like everyone else.
He started at the bottom (where everyone starts) and after the honeymoon phase, he complained (like everyone complains) about not having enough money.
We told him to show us the results before we showed him the money. Sew before you reap type advice.
Like others before him, we didn’t expect him to return.

He did return.

He sold his house, downsized his car and moved closer to the facility he was working at.
Then he started to create opportunities for himself. 1st by mastering the systems, 2nd by creating new & better systems.
He made a few mistakes, but he made those mistakes trying as well as operating at full speed.
He never held the assistant manager, role player or manager title or wage, but that didn’t prevent him from acting like all of them.

Then the time came to ‘take the risk’. He would be the 1st person out of over 250 before him to take a franchise.
While there was no shortage of uncertainty from those around him, there was no shortage of confidence in the systems & himself.
Once again, he started at the beginning. Moved back home to save money, and kept expenses tight so he could service his debt.
He grew his business from 1 person to 2, to 4-8-10 and so on. He hired a single training coach, and then went to 2-3-4 and so on.
Within 3 years he had serviced his debt, put a down payment on a house, purchased a vehicle and enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

More importantly he had empowered hundreds of people to live healthier, happier lives & donated his time & money to charity & his community
He led family, friends and customers (young & old) on expeditions spanning 5 of the 7 continents of the world & crossed off hundreds of personal ‘to do's’
He started an adventure travel company, a public speaking company, co-authored a book, sat on community boards & co-founded a NPO organization.
At 30 one might suggest he was a business prodigy but we just knew him as wise beyond his years.

He decided he wanted to take the lead on the overall operations of the organization.
So he put himself through learning all of the business elements he wasn’t that familiar with at the onset.
And he asked to take control and the role of general manager for the organization with a focus on creating more franchises for ‘those guys & girls’ like himself.
He discovered his girlfriend, who would become his fiance who will eventually become his wife... through work
His single biggest attribute? He says what he's going to do... and then does what he says. 

Sound too good to be true? I probably wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself either. 
But it is true. He does exist and not surprisingly he’s become a good colleague and a great friend.
One can only hope every employer is both good & fortunate enough to come across people (guys & girls) like this.
People who sew before they reap, listen before they talk, master the systems before trying ‘their own thing’ and do what they say they are going to do without fail or excuses. 

We have no doubt that one day... he will own the company.

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