Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Is Not Always About Getting Skinny!

The goal of fitness is health, not about how skinny we can become. There are skinny people who are really unhealthy and overweight people who are fairly healthy. Your size does not completely dictate your health. Now, I am not in support of the idea that being overweight is okay. Because of the myriad of health issues connected with being too heavy, it is not okay to be overweight and not take the necessary steps to combat the issue. Not everyone, however, is going to get "skinny" by following a healthy lifestyle.
If you are exercising 60 minutes a day, eating a nutritious, well-rounded diet, and living a healthy lifestyle, you are going become more and more fit and healthier and healthier as the days go by.  With this "plan", you will also lose some weight. If you are overweight and your goal is to become healthier, then follow the above and you are good to go. The weight will slowly come off and you will feel amazing!  If, however, your only goal is to get "skinny", then you need a totally different plan.
For some people what it takes to get "skinny" is up to two hours per day of fitness exercise and following an extremely strict calorie-controlled diet. This can be very difficult. Regular fitness is enough to get people to where they want to be from a health perspective, but it is not enough to get them to where they want to be from an image perspective. What is our real goal?  Is it worth the 90-120 minutes a day of exercise and following a highly reduced calorie-controlled diet to get skinny? If it is, then put in the work. A caveat here, however, is important: There isn't anything fundamentally wrong with wanting to lose a lot of weight, with wanting to get skinny, but there is something wrong with our entire focus being on seeing the pounds drop off accompanied by the snubbing of a healthy diet and well-rounded life. An obsessive relationship with our scale can indeed result in much smaller bodies but often with a number of increased health issues.
Regardless of whether we want to lose weight from a health or an image perspective, we need to remain focused on the "healthy" elements. The truly simple, really basic, and totally real health plan is:
     1) Workout/exercise/move for 60 minutes per day.

     2) Eat healthy, nutritionally-balanced meals. Home-cooked is the best, but we can also learn how to order in a healthy manner
         when we eat out.

     3) Stay consistent with #1 and #2!

It really is that simple...not necessarily easy but really simple. When we follow this “health formula”, we will slowly lose weight and build a long-term sustainable healthy life. The key to success in this equation is consistency. 60 minutes a day means an average of 7 hours per week of exercise. This may seem like an unattainable goal, but it is necessary to counteract the reality of living a sedentary lifestyle. If we sit 8 hours a day… we need to counteract that with fitness or we will be unhealthy.  By starting slowly and staying with the process, we will get to our 7 hours of exercise a week and, by following a nutritious diet, we will build ourselves into healthy, energetic people.  Simple.  Let's get started.

~ Yoshia

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