Monday, May 28, 2012

Listen to That Little Voice

As I was hanging onto the air conditioner unit that had just fallen from my second story window, waiting for my lovely wife to join me and assist me in pulling it back up, two things occurred to me:
  1. All of my "reaction" training that I've been doing to improve my goaltending for hockey has paid dividends in ways I had not envisioned (I grabbed the cord to prevent a calamity as it fell)
  2. I should listen to the little voice is my head when he says "This is far from your best idea".

I had dismissed him, you see, since my Dad had done this exact same thing and met with success; however, as I discovered - just because someone's successfully done it before does not guarantee the same success for you.

Seemed like a fairly decent reminder for me to carry forward in other facets of my life - thought I might share this with you so that when you next hear that little voice saying "Maybe you should rethink this", you'll consider what that voice is talked about.

Just a thought.


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