Monday, May 14, 2012


After getting home from two weeks in Peru and beginning to prep for the week, I had a bit of time to reflect back on everything I'd seen - from Cuzco to some of the villages, various ruins along the path and, finally, Machu Picchu itself.  

Something in my own perspective had changed, and I wanted to hold onto it - but describing it was challenging.  And then I came across a quote that seemed to sum up my impressions as neatly as anything I could have come up with myself:

"100 years from now, it won't matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of life I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like.  But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child."  (Unknown)

I'm going to try to remember what really matters - and focus on making a difference that will last.

Happy Monday!


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