Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The relentless pursuit of excellence has been replaced by the apathetic guarantee of mediocrity

 We're hearing friends (intelligent friends) so worn down by the prospect of swimming upstream they are contemplating the notion of 'why bother'. "no matter what we try and do, future generations circumstance is going to be shaped by the information they receive from sources other than you & based on the amount of  access & freedom to that information, there's little you can do."

This is untrue.

While we agree marketing messages can have a largely uncontested & self oriented influence over people's decision making, this epidemic provides an opportunity for critical thinkers to again 'revolutionize' our social conscious. Think about it, the point in history where the vast majority of effort & profit relies on making things 'easier' for the masses, someone points out the obvious.

  1. we are being sold on less focus, effort & assembly required yet...
  2. we are failing to make the correlation to less learning, aptitude, & overall productivity yet...
  3. we are then complaining about lack of opportunity, remuneration & reward.
1+2 doesn’t equal 3.

Enter the equality card. Like a pair of pocket ACE's, it’s a marketers ‘all in’! "YOU DESERVE IT"...."NOW BUY IT!”...
for $XX in yy easy installments. The reality of equality is that it’s a much more complex conversation than X should = Y. When we attempt to flatten out hierarchies we are essentially neutering the very eco-system that’s essential for our species growth, sustainability & survival. Naturally, we’ll realize & react to that once it escalates to critical level. Think this is overboard? Ask yourself one question; Is what we’re doing is working on a personal, professional, religious, economic, social or global scale? Meaning, are we getting ahead overall?

Solutions. What can you do?

  1. make the choice for yourself. Excellence or apathy? Once you’ve made that choice, be two feet in but don’t complain about the other side. In fact, be great!
  2. make the choice for yourself. Victor or Victim? You get to decide what to listen to, believe, endorse, condone & purchase. No one’s holding a gun to your head. Make the effort to make better decisions.  
  3. make the choice for your children. Setting & adhering to your own set of guiding principles is the same habit as passively being swept along. It’s your choice. Control & regulae the sources, frequency and amplitude of the messaging.
  4. make the choice for your children. The responsibility as a parent is to provide the necessary tool sets to help them thrive and survive in the world. Sheltering them from adversity, prolonging their integration & living your life vicariously through them merely weakens the gene pool.

While there’s no question on the value of treating people like humans vs. robots, we need to learn the pendulum shouldn’t & can’t swing all the way to the opposite side for sustainable change.
Raise the bar!

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