Friday, May 04, 2012

Running Out Of Time

I read a piece of advice that Alwyn Cosgrove gave to one of his friends, and fellow mentees, which was replace the word 'time' with 'life.' Wow. Reading this made me think of all the ridiculous things that I say (and hear) on a daily basis.

'I don't have enough life to relax and read.'

'Workout? I don't have enough life for that.'

'Cook healthy meals? I don't have enough life to do that, I'm too busy!'

Makes you stop, and think about what you're really saying when you say 'I don't have the time.' We all have time. No one gets more or less time in a day than anyone else, so really, it comes down to how we choose allocate said time.

The thing is, it's the activities and rituals we don't make time for that probably have the bigger impact on the quality of our lives. We need to stop wasting time on things that don't matter, and make time for the things that do. 

My challenge to you for the upcoming week is to replace the word 'time' with 'life.' Decide if you have enough life for that or if you really are just too busy.

~ Sasha

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