Thursday, June 28, 2012

Being Prepared for the Tough Mudder

The Tough Mudder is a great event. Lots of fun obstacles and a ton of running (around 10 miles of actual running) but certainly not the “toughest event on the planet” nor was it easy. One thing that was obvious is that a lot of weekend warriors attempted it and a lot of them did not finish.

When people think about doing half marathons they don’t typically take them for granted. People think to themselves “a half MARATHON?! No way I can do that”, but when it comes to an event like Tough Mudder people just try and go do it and a lot of them end up injured and unable to finish.

This blog is not disparaging the event in anyway. Team Innovative Fitness had a great time and we all finished unscathed, but we saw a TON of injured people. People who entered the event with no idea what was coming their way. So here it is:

 1)   Be prepared to run up to 16km of trails. Some of them are rocky, muddy, steep and slippery. 
 2)   Be prepared to crawl on your belly in mud (not difficult physically, but a fact of the event).
 3)   Be prepared to climb several 12-foot walls. There is a step at about 3 feet, but you will likely need help from a partner to get over it.
 4)   Be prepared to swim in glacier water (like really really really cold friggen water), this was one of the toughest parts of the event.
 5)   Be prepared to have your knees and elbows bruised and beat up, you will be crawling.
 6)   Be prepared to get shocked. Yes it is 10,000 volts. No it is not that bad.  A sting and a little startling for sure, but nothing you can’t handle.
 7)   Come prepared with some water and fuel. There are a lot of people at these events and apparently they run out of water…
 8)   Be prepared to work as a team. Many teams separated. This event is about teamwork as much as it is about being tough.

That is what you need to know. Our team really enjoyed themselves. The course was fun and challenging, the atmosphere was fantastic and it is a great charity. I recommend it to anyone who is willing to be prepared for the above!

Cheers to all my fellow Mudders!

~ Yoshia

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